4/22 Shaq Interview, Charles Barkley Appearance

First off I want to say thank you Shaq and Charles. It was a blast so check it out, and I’m thankful that Shaq and Charles took time out of their busy schedule. 

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16 replies on “4/22 Shaq Interview, Charles Barkley Appearance”

Wow great job Kam!! I enjoyed the interview with uncle Shaw!!! Keep up the great work and keep practicing on your craft Big Unc Dec Loved what you doing dude!!

Kam you are destined to be great the things you’ve done in the last six months the average person has not and probably will not do in a lifetime
You’ve interviewed the Indianapolis quarterback coach who coach Andrew luck and currently offense coordinator you’ve interviewed Chuck and Shaq most people will never meet meet them and you have interviewed them both in one setting stay focused stay humble and most of all lean not to your own understanding

GREAT interview KTS! You asked some GREAT questions. This is only the beginning of the favor of God upon your life. Walk into your season!

Hi KTS this is Justin’s mom “Mikki”.. you guys did such a great job on this interview. Shaq was super impressed with both you and Justin in how you both did your part to make it happen and worked together..good job, now let’s get some more interviews!!

Mikki, I’m in total agreement! Thanks to Justin too, for doing his part. It was a team effort & he deserves kudos, too! Yes, let’s get some MORE INTERVIEWS!!!
Barbara (Kameron’s Grana)

Awe thank you! I work with Shaq and Charles they are great guys with big hearts. Justin has access to many professional athletes through me so hopefully we can get more interviews for them.

Great! I think Kameron & Justin are both looking forward to more interviews.

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